Tuition Subsidies

In 1999 the Association’s Apprenticeship Tuition Fee Subsidy Committee and your Provincial Board of Directors announced the Membership Program of providing a tuition subsidy to apprentices employed by MCA Alberta Contractor Members. The $150.00 tuition fee subsidy, per apprentice, was shared by the MCA Provincial surplus and the then Southern Trust surplus.

Our Directors believe that this membership program is a good employee benefit for our MCA Alberta Contractors thus giving them an edge over non MCA members in obtaining apprentices in the Plumber, Steamfitter, Gas and Sprinkler System Installation Trades.

The Committee and our Directors have therefore decided to continue with this program for the 16th consecutive year. The amount of the subsidy will remain at $150.00 of the $950.00 tuition fee.

MCA Alberta Contractor Employee apprentices are eligible under the following conditions:

  1. they must be registered at a recognized Alberta institution in either the Plumber – Steamfitter – Gas – Sprinkler System Installation Trades, 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year.
  2. they must remit their original receipt of payment with the application. (This may be done as soon as the apprentice is registered. No more waiting until course completion).
  3. MCA member contractor must complete the MCA Apprenticeship Subsidy application form and submit the registration receipt.
  4. Payments will be made to MCA contractor member to forward to apprentice.
  5. Certain limits on the number of apprenticeship subsidies per company will be established depending upon dues paid to the Association.
    i.e. Contractors paying annual “Minimum One Man Shop Membership Dues” will be restricted to only one $150.00 subsidy.

IMPORTANT (Payroll Departments)

Any subsidy amount paid by the Employer to the employee for apprentice tuition – must be recorded as an Employee benefit on a T-4A (for year 2015). However employees are entitled to a $500.00 tax exemption for such bursaries, when completing their income tax returns. These amounts must be recorded on their 2015 tax T4A (by February 2016).

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MCAA Apprenticeship Tuition Fee Subsidy Application

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