Voluntary RRSP

Mechanical Contractors is pleased to provide our members with the opportunity to enroll in a Voluntary Group RRSP Plan. Our plan is sponsored through Sun Life Financial.

Note: This is no cost to the Employer, it is value added service to your employees.

We have included paper payroll stuffers for your employees. If your employees have any questions please call Vicky at 1-800-251-0620, 403-250-7237 or email [email protected]
We are planning information sessions in Calgary and Edmonton. We will advise on these dates.

Why Plan?

Without any personal savings for retirement, Canadians will have to rely on Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefits for retirement income. In 2012, the average income from both sources (over age 65) was just over $12,250 annually or $1020 per month. Canadians currently under age 49 will not be able to collect an unreduced CPP benefit until age 67, previously age 65. With the low income and changes occurring with these government benefits, it is never too early to start saving for retirement. Group RRSP programs make this process as easy as possible.

All MCA members and their employees are eligible to join the Voluntary RRSP program. A TFSA is also available to members. The following documents will provide information on the plan and instructions for enrolment.

Enrolment is direct through Sun Life, with easy monthly withdrawals from your bank account. There are a variety of investment funds available with the lowest IMF’s. You will receive income tax receipts at the end of each year, to claim your deduction on your income tax return.
If you are enrolled through our MCA Group Benefits Plan and have signed up for online access to Sun Life, you can also connect both your Group Plan Member information and your RRSP site for one stop access to all your Group Benefits information.
To Begin go to – www.sunlife.ca/member

Our Mission

To promote professionalism among mechanical contractors, to advocate on their behalf and to foster member viability.

Our Vision

To be a unified voice serving the interests of the mechanical contracting industry.