Advocacy Update 2020

MCA 2020 Advocacy Update

MCA’s advocacy program focuses on three fronts.

  • Issues specific to the mechanical trades in Alberta are addressed directly by MCA Alberta.
  • Issues impacting mechanical trades with broader implications for all trades or issues that may be easier to resolve with broader trade support are taken to the Alberta Trade Contractors Coalition,
  • Issues that are broader yet, are pushed up through MCAC. Some issues are addressed at all three levels.

MCA’s Advocacy Focus in 2020:

  • During the early days of the Covid-19 lockdown, MCA provided direct input to government on key issues that would impact the mechanical trades.
  • MCA participated with ACA to lobbying government that construction was an essential service and we continue to participate with CCA on their industry leaders network calls.
  • Subsequently, MCA has focused on identifying contract language to help minimize risk to contractors when terminating long term field employees, and
  • Finding solutions to re-insurance and high deductible clauses being written into prime contracts.

ATCC’s Initiatives include:

  • A continued laser focus on prompt payment.
  • Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown, ATCC has partnered with ACA to present a united front to the Minister of Alberta Infrastructure to gain recognition of the need for expanded Force Majeure contract clause and the ability to recover costs incurred to keep construction sites operational through the pandemic.
  • MCA Alberta has developed a change order guide document that has been introduced to the ATCC for review by the partners. This has subsequently been pushed up to National to get higher level buy-in. If nothing happens at the national level, ATCC will push the COG out at the provincial level.
  • ATCC has invested resources in Onerous Contract Clauses review with lawyer Dan Leduc. Leduc has currently reviewed 12 contracts and a small, pilot project member workshop was held with Leduc in August. We anticipate further development for our membership on this project in 2021.
  • ATCC also addressed the encroachment of COMPASS, a bid qualification, data collection company into the Alberta market. Meetings with COMPASS forced them to reconsider their marketing approach. ATCC developed and distributed a fact sheet around issues with the COMPASS business plan. These issues have subsequently been pushed up to MCAC and NTCCC for consideration. This also inspired ATCC to investigate the feasibly of developing a single source, Alberta industry owned bid qualification agency. Stay tuned.

MCAC led advocacy:

  • In addition to the items previously mentioned, MCAC continues to investigate opportunities around the development of an insurance captive and is looking to renew its preferred insurance provider in 2021.
  • MCAC has initiated a Change Order Guide Task Force to work on moving this issue forward nationally.
  • Other advocacy includes development of renewed CCDC documents, providing input to federal prompt payment legislation and lobby for Federal Government infrastructure and building efficiency upgrade spending to stimulate the economy post Covid-19.
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