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Since the early 1900’s, Alberta’s plumbers, pipefitters, steamfitters, gasfitters and mechanical contractors have united, through the common voice of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta (MCA Alberta), to represent, protect and advance their mechanical contractor members and the industry.

Today, the MCA Alberta strives to create value for its members by identifying and mitigating issues that affect members and the industry, through the development and delivery of high-quality education programs, delivering a competitive group health insurance benefit plan, by facilitating member benefit programs and services, and providing opportunity for social networking and professional development.


Contractor members shall consist of those mechanical contractors represented by any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation or organization who:

  1. are registered members in good standing and are completing work within the Province of Alberta in the Plumbing or Mechanical Contracting Business;
  2. or in the opinion of the Board, contribute in a substantial financial manner to the Association
  • 1 to 4 employees (verified by prior WCB records) annual dues $785.00
  • 5 to 24 employees (verified by prior WCB records) annual dues $1575.00
  • 25 to 39 employees (verified by prior year WCB records) annual dues $3025.00
  • 40 employees and over (no verification required) annual dues $3850.00


Associates come from the wholesale, supplier or manufacture sector that sell or produce materials & products for the Contractor Members.

Minimum annual dues for each Alberta location with a maximum provincial fee of $550.00 plus GST; two (2) or more locations $1000.00 plus GST.


Affiliate members may consist of those persons, firms, partnerships, corporations or organizations (whether incorporated or not) who are not mechanical contractors but who, in the opinion of the Board, have an appropriate relationship to the mechanical contracting industry and who are otherwise acceptable to the Board for membership in the Association. Affiliates generally come from the sub-trades or trades that complete installs of materials, and product for the Contractor Members. They also include lawyer & accounting firms, post-secondary institutions, or software companies that assist our contractor members in running their business better.

The Affiliate membership is Non-Voting (except on certain issues where the Board of Directors can and does allow the votes).

Minimum annual dues for each Alberta location with a maximum provincial fee of $550.00 plus GST; two (2) or more locations $1000.00 Plus GST

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