Change Order Management



Change Order Management

Changes are an inevitable part of the construction process but if not managed well, change orders can cause unnecessary project disruptions and lead to cost increases and schedule delays. This course will provide participants with best practices for successfully navigating this complex project management challenge.

Course Audience:

Construction Owners, Managers, Estimators, Supervisors, and Staff.

What will you learn?

• Identify changes from the original contract
• Document the changes
• Price changes fairly and realistically
• Present and negotiate changes collaboratively
• Understand the importance of early detection of change orders
• Negotiate delay claims caused by changes
• Understand the wording within commonly used contracts eg., CCDC 2 and CCA 1
• Develop a change order process for a construction company
• Issue a notice of dispute
• Proactively negotiate fair time and material rates at the bidding stage of a project.

The course includes 11 video modules with 8 hours of expert instruction and material.

2 Gold seal credits upon successful completion

The cost is $189.00 + GST

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