Continuous Improvement – You and Your Team


Continuous Improvement – You and Your Team

In seven short 3-7 minute videos, you will explore the practice of Continuous Improvement (often called “Kaizen”), its relationship to your project or organization’s “culture” and how to build a culture of Continuous Improvement. You’ll hear stories from the field, get ideas for daily improvement, examples of good “Kaizen”, explore overcoming potential problems and gather tips from the experts.

Action Items make it easy to “Start with what bugs you,” and fix that. Then examine what motivates you. Move to practicing small daily improvements around you. Then expand your circle of improvement to your entire team. Step by step

What will you learn?

  • How to use Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) in your own daily life and career.
  • How to build a “Culture of Continuous Improvement” in your project and organization.
  • How to establish “Kaizen (Improvement) Teams” in the front office.
  • How to start and run Video Study Action Teams that bring together learners from across your organization to put great ideas into action.
  • How to mentor and onboard staff to share your successful culture and experience.

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  • This course includes:
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