Course 1A Foundations: Levels of The Last Planner System®


Foundations: Levels of The Last Planner System®


In 8 short 3-9 minute videos coupled with immediately-usable Action Plans, experienced construction leaders we will help you understand the proven benefits of Last Planner® including shorter schedules, increased productivity, greater process transparency, improved design and build organization, better collaboration, communication and understanding. From the first day of Pre-Con to the last day of Trade Contractor Punchlist, The Last Planner System® is the gateway to Lean behaviors and addresses key components not working in Critical Path Method scheduling. For superintendents, foremen, project managers and project engineers.

What will you learn?

  • How to make sure you plan thoroughly and not “just” schedule.
  • What’s Working and Not Working in current methods of scheduling
  • How the Last Planner System® was developed for design and construction, and why it is so well suited for it.
  • What the 3 Levels of the Last Planner System® are and how they fit together to increase work reliability.
  • Why pulling backwards helps us create a better plan.
  • What the basic elements of the Last Planner System® are, and why it is more than “just post-its on a wall”.

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