Negotiation & Conflict Management



Negotiation & Conflict Management

As constructors work with clients, subcontractors, and consultants on projects, conflicts arise and relationships may get strained. Participants will improve their skills in communication and negotiation on construction projects. Participants will learn skills to enhance their ability to de-escalate conflict, listen effectively, build mutual respect with others in a  construction context, and negotiate effectively.

Course Audience: 

The course is designed for construction owners, project managers, estimators, supervisors and those involved in construction disputes.

What will you learn?

• Provide more effective customer service
• Understand the basic elements of communication and demonstrate effective communication skills with clients/constructors.
• Understand motivation theory and apply motivational techniques to win trust and engage clients/individuals/teams you work with.
• Identify different personality styles and how to communicate appropriately and negotiate effectively with each one.
• Understand the basics of negotiating, de-escalating conflict and setting the ground work for effective negotiation.
• Ask effective questions and listen to others in order to get to the issues behind various negotiation intentions.
• Getting to a “yes” and closing a negotiation well.
• Building long term relationships of trust amongst all construction stakeholders.

The course includes 6 video modules with 6 hours of expert instruction and material.
Eligible for 1 CCA Gold Seal credits upon successful completion.

Cost is $179 +GST.

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We are proud to partner with BCG Partners Inc. for their self paced online courses.

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